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Stytch authentication recipes

Stytch provides many options to build your perfect passwordless authentication experience including pre-built UI components, a frontend JavaScript SDK, and a REST API for maximum flexability. Explore the recipes below to learn which approach will work best for you.

Pre-built UI + JavaScript SDK


Email magic links
OAuth logins

Use our pre-built UI component and JavaScript SDK to get started with Stytch as quickly as possible. The pre-built UI provides a beautiful and customizable login form to make sure your brand stays front and center and the SDK handles everything else for you.

In this recipe we demonstrate a login flow that includes Email magic links and several OAuth options and Google One Tap.

Custom UI + JavaScript SDK


SMS passcodes

In this example you can see what a typical SMS passcodes (OTP) login flow might look like; here we've built a custom phone number entry and passcode input UI that leverages our JavaScript SDK to handle the heavy lifting.

This gives you full control over the user experience while minimizing backend code and session logic by using our SDK.

Custom UI + API integration


Email magic links

For developers that want full control over the entire experience, you can interact directly with the Stytch API in your backend.

In this example we use custom UI elements and backend API logic to implement a two factor authentication flow with Email magic links as the primary factor and WebAuthn as the secondary factor.

Web3 with Crypto wallets


Web3 login

Our Web3 login products let you seamlessly weave crypto wallets into your traditional Web2 app or your latest Web3 project.

In this example you can link your Ethereum based wallet with Stytch with just a few clicks!




Build an email/password authentication experience including passwords resets, password strength checking, and magic links using prebuilt Stytch UI components.


Don't see a recipe that you'd like to? Let us know below!